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Our Farmers and Vendors
Winter 2024

Bouncing Goat Soap Co.

Bouncing Goat Soap Co. is located in Dillsburg, where Jolene raises Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for show and milk production. She makes limited ingredient raw goat milk soap with natural colorants and essential oils. 

Weekly Beginning in February

Camelot Valley.jpg
Camelot Valley Cheeses

Located in Dover, PA, Jennifer Bradbury explains, "Our herd of hand raised Nubian goats are managed in an all natural approach. They are given access to the abundant forage native to our woodlot, in addition to fresh local hay and whole grain ration. The milk that they produce is a natural gift and a reflection of the land and love that sustains them." And the cheese she makes is a direct reflection, stop and try some next Wednesday! 

Charlie Bird Farm

Charlie Bird Farm is a tiny farm specializing in cut flower production in Dillsburg, Pa.  Maddy and her family grow intensively on a small plot of land, using many principles of regenerative agriculture to guide their growing.  Their goal is to provide our community with beautiful flowers grown in healthy soil. Connect with Charlie Bird on Instagram or Facebook!

April Only


COB Bakery


COB is a 100% Vegan & 100% Gluten Free bakery, that use only Non-GMO & Organic ingredients whenever possible. They are food sensitivity friendly - there is no fish, nuts (except coconut), eggs, soy, dairy, honey or animal products in anything they bake! Feel free to stop by and ask them any questions regarding your dietary needs! 

Alternating Weeks


El Cubano Restaurant

Cuban flavor in Carlisle! El Cubano has been operating in the Lancaster Central Market for many years and now they are bringing Empenada's, Cuban Sandwhiches, Rice & Pork/Shredded Beef combos to us! 

emilys cupcakes.jpeg
Emily's Cupcakes and More

Emily's Cupcakes and More is a Gourmet Bakery located in Mount Holly Springs, focusing on using as many local ingredients as possible to create fun and unique treats! Each week they try to have something new and different to keep things exciting. Emily will be at the market every Wednesday, year-round!

Foot of the Mountain Farm

Foot of the Mountain Farm is an intensive micro farm in Concord, PA.  Jessy and Lorenzo practice regenerative agriculture on their biodiverse one-acre farm and offer a variety of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, and fresh-cut herbs.

goblin alchemy.jpeg
Goblin Alchemy

Focusing on the older styles of mead making, Goblin Alchemy makes many kinds of fruited mead.  They also partner with Deerfoot Vineyard & Winery selling several types of wine. 


Good Keeper Farm

Good Keeper Farm is a family owned and operated farm that grows a diverse range of Certified Organic vegetables and pasture raised meats and eggs.  Julie & Matt grow year round and run a Full Diet CSA on their farm in Gardners.  They raise their vegetables in a permanent bed system, minimizing tillage using tarps and adding compost. These practices and cover crops support their farm's living soil. 


Guacamole Specialists

Based in Lancaster, PA, Raidel and Rene make fresh guacamole, salsa, and seasonal açaí bowls fresh at market. Stop by and taste "the world's best guacamole!"


Heritage Bakery


Coming from Bethel, Lena at Heritage Bakery specializes in fresh, home baked goods, including soft pretzels, donuts, pretzel sandwiches, pies, baked oatmeal, sticky bun cinnamon rolls, cookies, whoopie pies, muffins, and bread.

Honey Bee Friendly

Located in Dillsburg, established in 2012, Honey Bee Friendly was born out of an curiosity for honeybees that soon turned into a passion for beekeeping. We live for serving our customers with the highest quality hive products. At Honey Bee Friendly it is our duty to know our bees, ensuring every hive is healthy and functioning naturally at maximum capacity. While honing our trade for an age-old craft as beekeepers we’re committed to advocating for pollinators at large.

LEAF Project

The LEAF Project is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2013, whose mission is to cultivate youth leaders from diverse backgrounds through meaningful work in the food system.  They do this by hiring 25-30 youth, ages 14-18, from across South Central Pennsylvania (Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry, and Adams Counties) to run and manage LEAF's small-scale vegetable farm, kitchen ventures, and develop their leadership skills.

Pecan Meadow Farm

Pecan Meadow Farm is a small diversified family farm specializing in Piedmontese-crossed grass fed beef cattle. Daniel's animals are kept healthy naturally without the use of antibiotics and are never given synthetic hormones.

Alternating Weeks

Rowantree Farm 


Rowan raises pasture-raised eggs, beef, lamb, pork, and chicken on her farm in Mechanicsburg. She has recently expanded and is growing produce on her 5.5 acre farm, as well as livestock for meat and wool on her 104-acre farm. 

Rupert Farms

Located in Concord Pa, they sell premium beef directly to consumers by the cut, quarter and whole. Recently they've added pork and chicken products to their menu as well as fresh picked Sweet Corn!

Alternating Weeks
Talking Breads

Talking breads offers a wide variety of old-world European breads. All breads are made with organic whole grain flours and are baked in a brick oven. Weekly breads include Pugliese, Whole Spelt, Seeded, Batard, Ciabatta, Cinnamon Raisin, Fig Anise, Brioche, along with baked goods like scones and cookies. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Three Springs Fruit Farm

Three Springs Fruit Farm, a Food Alliance certified operation, is now in its seventh generation of family stewardship. They offer a wide range of fruit and produce throughout the year, including apples, cherries, peaches, strawberries, asparagus, tomatoes, and more, along with canned goods, sauces, and cider. 

Whistleberry Farm

Rod and Lynne grow several varieties of fresh and dried mushrooms and a wide range of fruit, vegetables, plant seedlings, and honey products at their Boiling Springs farm. Find them on Facebook or Instagram for more! 

IMG_8037 (1).JPG
Wild for Salmon

Wild For Salmon is a sockeye salmon fishery and wild seafood retailer, captained by Jenn and Steve Kurian, based in Bloomsburg, PA. Jenn and Steve catch and flash-freeze their salmon and seafood in Alaska, ensuring that you get the freshest fish possible. Wild for Salmon attends Market on the 2nd week of each month.


Second Wednesday of Each Month

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