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We Have What You're Looking For!

Not sure where to start? Planning ahead for the week? Trying to source more of your diet from local producers? Scroll on to find out where to get what you need from our vendors! You can click on a vendor's name to learn more about them.


Please note that specific offerings can change from week to week, so if you are looking for a specific product on a specific date, we recommend consulting with vendors directly. If you are wondering about something not listed here, please use our contact form to ask so that we can update this page or seek out new vendors to meet the community's needs!

Alcoholic Beverages

Have your ID ready, whether you're getting a bottle or just trying a sample!

Bread, Baked Goods, & Pasta

Fresh from the oven, we have everything from sweet pastries to artisanal sandwich loaves!

Cheese, Milk, & Yogurt

Dairy delights, fresh as they come!

Dressings, Dips, & Sauces

Who said eating local means doing everything from scratch?


All colors and sizes of chicken eggs... not to mention duck and quail!


Thanks to our farmers' ingenuity, we have fresh flowers available before "April showers" finish!

Fresh Produce

In-season fruits, vegetables, and fungi, plus plenty of out-of-season ones thanks to our growers' greenhouses!


Local sugar from local bees visiting local flowers - It doesn't get any sweeter!


From happy and healthy animals, for happy and healthy eaters!

Prepared Food & Drinks

When shopping gets you hungry, fill up with one of our many delicious chefs who set up right at the market!


Canned goods, pickles, ferments, and more help keep your pantry fresh and exciting all year long!

Seedlings & Starts

From our gardens to yours, get a head start on spring planting thanks to our farmers!

Soaps, Salves, and Lotions

Local agriculture doesn't just mean food - take care of your skin with our farm-based products!

Treats & Sweets

Treat a friend, or yourself, to something special from these local confectionary creators!

Yarn and Textiles

Stay warm in local fibers and fabrics!

  • Celtic Knot Alpacas

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