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Interested in becoming a vendor?

Farmers on the Square is a vibrant, welcoming marketplace in which a community of producers and consumers nourishes our regional food-shed by celebrating superb and diverse agricultural products that reflect integrity. We have a record number of vendors participating in the market and the community support and excitement about the quality and variety of products offered continues to grow.

Read our Market Rules & Operating Guidelines

All potential vendors need to submit the following:

For 2024 Regular Market Season (May-December): 2024 Regular Season Application (Full season applications closed; only considering applications for occasional vendors, no more than one market per month)

For Cooperative Stands Only: Cooperative Stand Participant Form

Complete supporting documents (required):

Insurance: 1 copy with list of additionally insured as outlined in the application.  

Required certifications (1 copy)

Any additional certifications (1 copy)

Please send completed application and supporting documents to:


Farmers on the Square, PO Box 988, Carlisle PA 17013; please do not send to the church.

Please retain a copy of your application for your records.

If you are interested in being a guest vendor (participating at most once per month), please complete the application for the relevant market season; you may disregard the stated deadlines as these apply to regular vendors. Please also note that your application will be considered according to the following policy, in addition to our usual operating guidelines (linked above):

We encourage the periodic participation of community members and organizations who are not regular vendors provided that their activities are consistent with the core mission of FOTS which is to connect our community with the local food system and showcase our region’s agricultural diversity. All requests must be submitted to the FOTS manager, approved by the FOTS Board, and comply with all FOTS policies regarding insurance and facilities usage. We welcome organizations and individuals that help to expand the scope of the market by, for example, increasing the customer base and partnering with FOTS on mutually beneficial projects. Conversely, we do not accept participation by individuals and organizations who are seeking to promote either a for-profit business or a non-profit organization with missions that are outside the purview of FOTS. Any sale of products and services or solicitation of donations must be approved by the FOTS Board. 

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