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Where is Farmers on the Square?

How to Read the Market Map

This is an example map from the 2024 winter market season. For a weekly updated map using this format, including any guest vendors and absences, please subscribe to our email newsletter.

Our week-to-week setup looks something like what you see to the right. Using the interactive map above, you can locate Hanover Street and its intersection with High Street to orient yourself with this map. Hanover Street runs North-South, so North is on the right side of the example map.

Grey areas are paved roads; note that the end of Dickinson Ave. is closed to motor traffic during market hours. White areas are sidewalks or, in the courtyard, grass. Each square is a 10'x10' tent space, and each vendor occupies 1 or 2 of these spaces.

24MapTemplateForPrinting (3).png
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