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Bouncing Goat Soap Co.

Dillsburg, PA

Instagram: @bouncinggoatsoapco

Facebook: @bouncinggoatsoap


Bouncing Goat Soap Co. is located in Dillsburg, where Jolene raises Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for show and milk production. She makes limited ingredient raw goat milk soap with natural colorants and essential oils. Bouncing Goat Soap Co. will be at market every other week during the 2020 season.


As Jolene says, "I believe in knowing WHAT is in my products from the food we eat to of course what you are putting on your skin.  For any of you reading this who have met me at the markets I think you can feel my passion for my product. It is truly amazing life transforming stuff! For those of you who haven't take the leap to try BOUNCING GOAT SOAP.....Just do it! Give a bar a try and I am certain you will fall in love."

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