West York, PA

We are trying very hard to offer options to those people with gluten sensitivity of all degrees and options for those that are vegan and are tired of having to constantly check labels in stores to make sure that what they are buying is vegan. Our bakery is strictly vegan and all ingredients are checked carefully. 

COB had its beginnings in Japan when we lived there and started baking and doing small events. After the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami induced nuclear disaster there we decided to move to the US and try to officially start our bakery. After moving to West York we converted our garage into a commercial bakery in 2015 started selling. Over time we have been changing over to gluten free baking although we have always been a vegan bakery. We are not certified gluten free but we conduct safe handling practices to reduce the risk of cross contamination of gluten with gluten free products. We believe in organic agriculture and the use of organic ingredients and we hope that you can taste the difference. We try to keep the ingredients used to a minimum because our philosophy is that simple is best and encourage everyone to ask questions. Our greatest pleasure is seeing a customer's face light up when they realize they have found things they can eat and they express their appreciation. We are happy to provide these products for you and we always appreciate your feedback and support. Thanks!