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Whistleberry Farm

Rod and Lynne Morgan

Boiling Springs 

717-554-4606 |

What do you normally bring to market?

We bring fresh mushrooms that we grow on our farm. Usually shiitake, oyster and lion's mane mushrooms. We also bring raw honey and a variety of produce. At times we have dehydrated mushrooms, wild foraged mushrooms and shiitake mushroom logs (for people to grow their own mushrooms if they want).  

About Our Farm

We (Rod and Lynne) began growing mushrooms and keeping bees as a hobby many years ago.  For the last seven years we have been selling our goods at various farmer's markets and local restaurants. We moved into our current farm in 2013.

Open to the Public?


Do you have a non farming hobby?

We both work full time jobs aside from being farmers, so we are pretty busy. But in our free time, we enjoy hiking with our dogs, kayaking, and cooking new recipes.

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