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Wild For Salmon


Wild For Salmon Store

521 Montour Blvd., Bloomsburg, PA 17815

570-387-0550 |

Wild For Salmon attends the FOTS market the second Wednesday of the month. Pre orders are accepted until noon the Tuesday before market.


Wild For Salmon in Bloomsburg, PA, is owned and operated by Steve and Jenn Kurian. They provide high-quality, sustainable, wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon products at a common good price.

Steve and Jenn own and operate the F/V Ava Jane in Bristol Bay, Alaska, where they harvest sockeye salmon every summer. The fish is processed and frozen within 12 hours of being caught and is brought home and sold at farm markets, restaurants, and health food stores in the area.

Wild for Salmon sells a variety of salmon, salmon products, whitefish, shellfish, and pet products. You can see most of our products on our website,, and you may place a preorder with us until noon, the day before we attend the farmer’s market, by calling our store. 

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