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Pecan Meadow Farm

Daniel Shirk

369 Newburg Road, Newburg, PA  17240

717-423-5365 |

Pecan Meadow Farm is a small diversified family farm specializing in Piedmontese-crossed grass fed beef cattle.  The Piedmontese breed originated in the Piedmont area of Italy and is a double muscled animal that has smaller muscle fiber than most other cattle breeds making it extra tender and very good for using as grass fed.  We also bring lamb and goat, chicken, rabbit, duck, guinea fowl, turkey, eggs (chicken, duck and quail), and heritage stone-ground whole wheat flour.  Our lamb and goat is raised in the same manner as our cattle, which means they are 100% grass fed.  Our chickens have old Italian genetics, making them excellent grazers unlike modern American breeds.  They are slow growing and have very tender and flavorful meat.  We raise Narragansett Turkeys that are unequaled in flavor.  Our Muscovy and Pekin-Crossed ducks are raised outdoors, making them less fatty than mass-produced ducks.  Our rabbits are fed a diet of hay and grains.  We do not give them commercial rabbit pellets. 

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