Job Opportunities With FOTS

Farmers on the Square is hiring a Market Manager!


The Market Manager is a part-time, 52-week position reporting to the Board President. The primary responsibilities include coordination of the weekly market throughout the year, recruiting/engaging vendors and volunteers, marketing, fundraising, and accounting. The Market Manager also works directly with the board in thinking strategically. The position requires an average of twenty-five (25) hours per week during the main season (April 1 – December 31) and during the winter season (January 1 – March 31). In addition, the position requires weekly FOTS market attendance but does allow for flexibility in completion of other responsibilities.  

Position Responsibilities​

Marketing and Promotion

  • Further develop and implement creative marketing strategies to advertise the market within and beyond Carlisle.  

  • Assist the board in implementing the yearly marketing plan.

  • Manage FOTS social media accounts.  Create weekly newsletter to the market community.

  • Edit FOTS website as needed. 

  • Reach out to media regarding market events and news; promote events and stories.

  • Work directly with board marketing subcommittee on other marketing efforts & needs (e.g., bi-annual print advertising efforts, market coupons, etc.).


Market Coordination and Operation

  • Develop and revise market layout that will promote a positive and safe experience for vendors and customers.

  • Setup and take down market information tent for each market and curbside pickup tent as needed.

  • Transport and store market tent and materials. 

  • Create and update weekly vendor market map.

  • Announce the opening of the market with FOTS bell. 

  • Communicate with all stakeholders and schedule weekly needs of the market.  

  • Correspond with and support vendors, customers, board, volunteers, media and other stakeholders prior to weekly market.  

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for all vendors.

  • Organize and promote market-day activities that appeal to diverse populations including music, educational activities (including vendor-directed educational days), demos, etc. 

  • Create calendar of primarily food-related events that engage the various demographics/ages of the market customer base and build customer numbers.

  • Communicate and enforce protocol for market rules and report alleged violations, in writing, to the Board of Directors.

  • Assist in resolving minor on-site market disruptions using market protocol until the board can officiate.

  • Record vendor and customer attendance.

  • Collect vendor fees, monthly sales data, and maintain records that include monthly individual and overall market sales.

  • Provide overall coordination and implementation of the Market Coupon Program.  Oversee operation of the EBT machine (including sales records) and promote this resource.  

  • Work directly with board to improve the market experience throughout the year.

  • Attend monthly board meetings and present market update at each meeting.

  • Develop yearly market reports (record keeping & data collection) that will be presented to the board at the conclusion of each market year.


Vendor, Volunteer, and Community Relations

  • Recruit and retain vendors and volunteers to provide the community with an enjoyable market experience.

  • Compile and review all vendor applications and present them to the board.

  • Recruit and schedule all guest vendors following board approval.

  • Coordinate farm site visits biennially for every vendor.

  • Conduct regular vendor communication (email, newsletter, website, and social media).

  • Delegate market responsibilities that will actively engage volunteers while staying focused on primary responsibilities.

  • Communicate with venue representatives regarding all issues including scheduling and safety.

  • Recruit a strong market volunteer base and coordinate their service to the market.

  • Schedule and ensure volunteers will be on hand at designated times and for designated functions and special activities (cooking demos, vendor visits, etc.). 

  • Maintain volunteer database with pertinent information for future use.

  • Coordinate “Volunteer Orientation” and “Volunteer Appreciation” events with FOTS board. 

  • Survey existing and new volunteers in order to best utilize their time and skill sets.

  • Develop ways for clearly communicating market needs with FOTS volunteers.

  • Coordinate, distribute, collect, and collate season ending vendor surveys.



  • Write grants and sponsorship applications to foundations and local businesses to support the market, specifically for market manager position and marketing/advertising efforts.

  • Responsible for raising 50% of total compensation.

  • Coordinate efforts with local organizations such as Project Share, Partnership for Better Health and Downtown Carlisle Association.

Find the complete job description here, and apply by emailing your resume and cover letter to 

Deadline to apply is November 9th, 2020