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SpringGate Vineyard

Harrisburg, PA

Come experience our winery and vineyard at SpringGate. We are family owned and located on 60 acres of farmland between the rolling hills of Lancaster County and Blue Mountain, near Harrisburg. We are in Lower Paxton township at the intersection of Interstate 83 and 81. The farm has been owned by only three families since the 1740's and has been a haven for many - we like to think of it as our little patch of Eden.

We started growing wine grapes at SpringGate in 2010 following the successful establishment of our sister vineyard in Northern Virginia in 2003, North Gate Vineyard. Whether you prefer dry wines, crisp semi-sweet, or sweet and hard cider or sparkling wines, we have something to accommodate you. In addition, our farm craft brewery, established in 2015, brews fine craft beers to enjoy by flight, glass or growler and, increasingly, by bottle. With 20 years of wine making experience, and with consulting winemakers Vicki and Mark Fedor of North Gate Vineyard, we are producing wines on the estate.  Our wines tend to be less oaky in character than those that are oaked (such as Cabernet Franc) and originated in France and are known for this style.  These French vinifera, or French Hybrids, are barreled in French Oak as they were originally in the Old World.

We opened our artisan brewery in June of 2015 and generally have 10 to 12 small batch artisan beers on tap.  It is currently open Wednesdays through Sundays. You can find further information on its web page or facebook.

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