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The Center Cut Company

Kayla Shughart 

120 Buttermilk Road, Newville, PA 17241

Instagram: @thecentercutcompany

Facebook: @thecentercutco

The Center Cut Company is owned by Kayla and Ben Shugart, who describe themselves as "just a couple of shepherds trying to raise some good ole' sheep, feed some good ole' people, and have a good ole' time while doing it." They started The Center Cut Company because they truly believe people deserve to know where their food comes from and that a balanced diet with good clean food can fix a lot and I believe in raising animals humanely. They pasture-raise, butcher, and sell chickens, rabbit, and lamb, and sell beef, eggs, and Apple Valley Creamery dairy products at market. Their products have no preservatives, no artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics, and no additives. Simply put, they are just raw and real!

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