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Mega Microgreens


Gary & Rebecca Smith

Newville, PA

Facebook: @megamicrogreens

Instagram: @megamicrogreens

We are led by a team specialized in  Aquaculture and Ayurveda (food as medicine). All staff have been Serve Safe Certified. We strive to work with nature and examine our practices at every level. A microgreen is not designated by specific seed type; though, microgreen seeds go through special handling and testing because they are intended for human consumption. Any plant can be a microgreen. They are designated  by harvesting the plant before the first true leaves appear or right after. This small window of opportunity offers  a more flavor packed experience. Flavor is the indicator of nutrient density and complexity. ​

The seedling idea for Mega Microgreens was sown miles from Plymouth Rock and has taken root not far from Gettysburg.  We no longer use the industry standard  10x20 seed trays. These trays were designed to germinate plants that will be transplanted into the ground and grown to maturity before harvesting. These trays are made of non-food safe plastic, which breaks down with use and can be absorbed by the plant. Instead, we use food safe certified and temperature rated proofing pans designed for food production. Our goal is to provide as many Self Seeded products as possible. This means, rather than outsourcing, we grow and collect the seeds ourselves. All micros are grown using organic practices, and are handled with Serve Safe food sanitation protocol. 

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